Social Media Marketing

Today’s online social networks can be incredible assets for your business marketing and self promotion needs. Their enormous membership banks can be targeted by age, gender, location and more, giving you the opportunity to seek out the demographic of your choice. Business owners and managers can no longer treat social media as a side activity given to junior associates. A clear social media strategy is needed to help business leaders evaluate, measure, and scale their brand’s social presence.

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What To Expect:

  • Ad Management – targeted social ads to grow your audience, visibility and engagement.
  • Social Media Auditing – learn what’s working and what isn’t (and how you can improve).
  • Community Monitoring – ensuring customer questions and comments are responded to quickly.
  • Competitive Analysis – learn from competitors’ successes and mistakes on social media.
  • Content Development – custom blog posts and content for your social profiles.
  • Contests & Promotions – photo contests, video contests, trivia and more.
  • Social Listening – monitoring various criteria to identify trends and opportunities.
  • Strategy Consulting – we will work with you to help build the best strategy for your brand.

Engaging Perspective Customers

At Dose Productions we create social media strategies for clients as well as provide social media marketing services. We help companies grow their business by better understanding the value that social media brings to digital marketing. Effectively using Social Media can be somewhat tricky at first; the biggest mistake is “Over Selling” your audience. A potential customer doesn’t want to be Sold over and over again, they want to be engaged in interesting content. Posting tips, trivia, and Asking Questions is always good practice. Posting links to articles or videos that your audience will “Like” and “Share” are also positive. We reach specific audiences at places they go several times a day in a relaxed environment – on their phone.

We create content that cuts through the noise – content of value rather than content in volume. We serve successfully targeted ads using the sophisticated tools found within various social media channels to attract potential customers to your website or landing page.

social media marketing
social media marketing
social media marketing

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